Music has unbelievable power to inspire and transform.

This summer, from June 4 through July 16, 2018, we are writing a whole new library of songs that can support communities growing together as they sing and seek and discover what is coming into existence as "church."

Whether you are seeking to be actively engaged in that process as a songwriter, a connector, or a leader in a church-like community, welcome! 

Interested in joining the project? Consider joining our Facebook group, where most of the conversation is happening, or explore the site for more info.

The "rules" are simple. Songs for this project will engage, relate, be honest, and not distract. There's plenty of room for conversation and interpretation about how we do that, but maintaining this kind of focus is essential for creating the kinds of songs we're looking for. 

Engage with us - join in writing, listening, and sharing insight.

Writing Prompts

Sometimes a prompt can help inspire our creativity, or give us a starting place. We're providing daily prompts for songwriting and reflection throughout the project.


Many songs currently sung by communities are guilty of distracting the people they serve.  Language or style that's often simply unexamined and unnecessarily gets in the way of developing real community. Here are some ideas to avoid.

Submit A Song

Once you've written a song share it with us! Submit to the site and we'll add it to the list to share with other contributors and leaders.


Contact Us

Have a question about the project? Want to connect with other leaders or songwriters? Have a great idea to help improve the project? Let us know!

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